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Miscarriage: Tattoo

searchingstars in tonights_sky

Creating A Contract

Most of you know by now that we need to look into a couple of contracts. Some of these will be inner system contracts & inner system rules, others will involve the Chorus.

We have already agreed that the most important, and therefore first, contract we should tackle is that dealing with intimacy.

So far the following considerations have been put forth to protect all of us, and to protect the Chorus:

(&) This is not Dawni's relationship alone, it is a group relationship.
(&) "Adult" intimacy is not for littles or middles. Nor is it for anybody who wants to use it as a way to hurt the system or themselves.
(&) Our safe word is Iraq.
(&) The Chorus are not mind readers. Be aware that they may not realise if you are triggered or suffering a flashback.
(&) The Chorus will refrain from calling out insiders solely for intimacy purposes (?)
(&) Insiders are free to offer or initiate intimacy as long as they follow the other contract rules
(&) If littles or middles are asked to "move back" from co-fronting for intimacy reasons, and promised a reward; that reward /must/ be given.

Note that these are simply considerations; they are not the hard and fast rules. This is not the contract.

Does anybody have anything further to add?



AChorusOfOne would like to add that at times, they may promise a reward which cannot be given immediately, and that it may then slip their mind. Please remind us (or ask Dawni to remind us), as we would never deliberately make a deal and not keep it.
just coz something wont trigger you doesnt mean you shuld do it n not think about how other ppl here mite feel

June 2006

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